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Our objective is to help our clients reduce their CO2-emissions as much as practically possible without increasing their cost of energy.

Odfjell Oceanwind’s WindGrid™ hybrid solution for micro-grids enables up to 70% reductions in CO2-emissions compared to conventional power generation from fossil fuels. This is approximately double the effect of what can be achieved with conventional wind power. For many of our clients the result is equal or lower cost of energy when including all associated costs.

The particular challenges for micro-grids are handled, using solutions developed and implemented for our sister company Odfjell Drilling’s fleet of mobile offshore drilling units.

In addition to the WindGrid™, Odfjell Oceanwind’s technology consists of a semisubmersible hull qualified for some of the harshest areas in the world. Our solution is designed for simple installation and removal, supporting our mobile rental business model.

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